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Sabtu, 21 Juni 2014

If you are interested and considering in getting a cleaner for your hard floor, this is the right time for you to read this article because now we would like to talk one of the hardwood cleaner in the market. Through this article we would like to talk about the hoover floor mate. The hoover floor mate is one of the product of hoover floormate hard floor cleaner solution. As one of the hoover floormate hard wood cleaner solution out there, the hoover floor mate is a cleaner specifically designed to vacuum, mop, and dry your floor, all of that functionality is done by this one machine. The hoover floor mate is basically a cleaner for hard surface, one of the example is of hard surface is hard floor.

    Basically the hoover floor mate machine specifications consist of two tanks, the cord length is 27 inches, and the capacity of this product is 1 oz. This product consist of 6 spin brushes of Brushes SpinScrub 500 and 7 spin brushes of SpinScrub 800, all of the brushes come with removable squeegee. The main advantage in getting this hoover floor mate product is you can do many cleaning tasks like mop, vacuum, and dry your floor all by using this machine. As a vacuum this hoover floor mate machine can vacuum your hard floor by only switching the dial button in the machine to dry vac. The vacuum functionality of this machine pretty much has decent suction even though it is still not in the same level if we compare it to the upright vacuum cleaner.

    As for the mop functionality, this machine really do the job profesionally. We can say that the mop functionality and the washing abilities of this machine is it's strong point. In the wash mode, we only need to trigger the button to release the cleaning solution so the brushes will spin of 350 revolutions per minute. The washing ability of this machine is really satisfying as the dirty water will be sucked into the tank and much easier than doing the traditional mop.